A Lifetime Dedicated to Overcoming Challenges

Sandra Batt

Sandra Batt first knew that she wanted to pursue a career in project management while working for a financial institution in Charlotte, North Carolina. She had gained some experience working on large projects and grew to love the process. That is when she decided that she wanted to pursue a graduate degree to enhance her expertise and become more effective and efficient in managing projects.

Batt was interested in moving to Charleston, South Carolina to be near her sister and this is when she discovered the Technical Project Management Graduate Certificate offered by The Citadel at the Lowcountry Graduate Center.

During her first semester in the program Col. Tom Clark visited one of her classes to talk about different career opportunities that are available in the field of project management. As a result of this meeting Batt was offered a graduate assistantship with Col. Clark at The Citadel’s Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics, where she has been able to directly utilize the project management skills that she is learning each week. Batt credits her professors with sharing their many years of practical experience which makes the theories she has learned come to life and provides direct correlations to the work she is doing each day.

Project management often involves finding solutions to effectively overcome any challenges faced in the pursuit of achieving your goal. For Batt, this is something that she had a lot of experience in even before enrolling in graduate school. When she was eighteen, she was injured in a car accident which damaged her spine causing her to become a quadriplegic. This could be seen as an insurmountable obstacle by some, but Batt was determined not to let this get in the way of her dreams.

One way that she has been able to overcome many of her daily challenges has been to enlist the help of a service dog, Melody. Batt adopted Melody through a non-profit organization called Canine Assistants, and she has served as a faithful companion for almost eight years. In addition to picking up dropped items off of the floor, Melody can assist with many common tasks such as opening and closing doors, pressing an elevator button, or jumping up to turn on or off a light switch. While Batt is an outgoing person by nature, Melody has also helped to break down social barriers by giving people who are unfamiliar with physical disabilities something they can relate to.

After completing The Citadel’s graduate certificate program, Batt is confident that the skills she has learned will open many opportunities to grow her career in various industries here in the Lowcountry. Building on her previous work experience educating clients, enhancing client experiences, and solving business challenges, the project management courses she has taken at the Lowcountry Graduate Center have reinforced her passion for bringing teams together to accomplish a goal. To learn more about how you too can pursue a career in project management, visit our program page for The Citadel’s Technical Project Management Certificate.