An Engineer Invests in her Future

Meredith Snyder

Faced with limited growth opportunities and a stagnant economy, Meredith Snyder opted to invest in herself. A Charleston-area manufacturing engineer, Snyder had become discouraged with the lack of advancement possibilities available – particularly at the height of a recession. Her research into advancement possibilities led her to the Lowcountry Graduate Center (LGC) and, particularly, the Project Management programs offered by The Citadel. Snyder initially enrolled in the Technical Project Management certificate program, but ultimately decided to continue to complete a Master of Science in Project Management.

While pursuing her graduate studies, Snyder remained in the corporate sector, working full-time as a manufacturing engineer. Despite not having yet completed her degree, Snyder was soon offered an opportunity for career advancement, moving into a program management position. Snyder directly credits The Citadel program with affording her this possibility, stating, “[the] core curriculum is really great because it’s applicable to so many different industries…I think that formal education in [project management] principles is just invaluable.”

Snyder eventually moved on to pursue project management positions in various sectors, including electronics, commercial manufacturing, and software manufacturing. She is currently employed as a Program Manager with Critical Solutions International, a small defense company. “I use project management every day,” she says, “the project management triangle, scope, budget, schedule…managing one aspect of it or another.”

Snyder readily endorses both the M.S. program and The Citadel faculty: “My expectations were exceeded by the faculty… people that had real business experience, … not just academics.” She also speaks highly of the focused nature of the curriculum and explains, “it was really tailored to the individual student…you didn’t have to take any [prerequisites] or anything that you felt was peripheral to your actual career path.”

Reflecting on the advantages of taking classes at the LGC, Snyder recognizes the implementation of digital technology: “There were a couple of instances where I needed to miss class because of a work conflict…the classes were recorded, so I didn’t fall behind or anything. [The videos] were readily available on the website.”

Snyder encourages prospective students to follow her lead, and states emphatically, “just start now, don’t wait.” Project management is a rapidly growing field, and Snyder is convinced that those who enroll in the program will see immediate benefits.

Watch this video to hear Meredith and other recent graduates talk about their experiences in The Citadel’s Project Management Program.