Latest COVID-19 Update: 30 March 2020: 10:00 AM EST

Continuing to remain in alignment with the orders from the Office of the Governor & the decisions taken by the College of Charleston, aimed at lessening the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus, the College of Charleston North Campus & LGC remains closed to ALL visitors, classes, outside events, & conferences previously scheduled.

The facility is still scheduled to reopen on May 15th at the earliest. We ask our students, faculty, staff, & partners to please stay connected through our social media profiles for any updates that may follow:

For the latest announcements from our partnering colleges & universities, head over to each of their respected websites for information:
College of College
University of South Carolina
South Carolina State University
Medical University of South Carolina

If you need help during this crisis and live in the Charleston Metro Region, please see the Charleston United COVID Response Facebook group to keep in contact and find services that will greatly benefit you or your family in your time of need.

We ask that everyone stay healthy and stay indoors as much as possible in order to flatten the curve.


The LGC Staff