Assist Scholarships for Teachers

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

$500 AAUW Scholarships Available for K-8 STEAM Teachers

Attention K-8 STEAM teachers: what would you do with $500? Would you pay for supplies, take a course, purchase a piece of equipment for the classroom or treat your class to a pizza party?

The American Association for University Women (AAUW) is offering a pair of grants without strings attached to anyone who qualifies.

“How can you pass up 500 dollars?” wonders Claire Bush, a volunteer with the local chapter of AAUW.

Attracting Women to STEAM Fields
The Charleston branch of AAUW is helping support of STEAM (STEM plus arts) teachers will boost the participation of girls in these fields of study. Women comprise just 35% of university students in math and science courses, and it’s half that for computer and engineering.

To qualify for the $500 scholarship, a teacher must have completed one-to-five years of teaching in grades K-8. There is another $250 scholarship for teachers that comes without a years-of-service limitation. (The $250 scholarship must be used in the classroom.)

The application is so easy even a liberal arts teacher could complete it. (Just kidding. AAUW supports all educators.) It requires some simple information about the teacher and a 100-200 word description of the proposed use of the grant. The scholarship is open to men as well as women and is due to [email protected] by August 1.

For more information, visit the Charleston AAUW website.

You Could Win the Grant
The Lowcountry Graduate Center supports the promotion of STEAM in the Lowcountry for men and women. It offers several engineering and project management courses on its North Charleston campus and has marketed its offerings particularly to women in order to increase the number of skilled workers needed for the area’s continuing economic growth.

The local AAUW chapter offered the $500 grant last year and received all of one application for it. That teacher used the money to help pay for her graduate school tuition. AAUW is seeking more applicants this year. Why not you?

Any woman with a degree from an accredited university is eligible to join the AAUW.

“AAUW has been a force for women’s rights since 1881, 1935 here in Charleston, and its basic premise is to advance the cause of women,” says Bush. “When you join, you meet likeminded women interested in what you’ve done.”