Availability of LGC Funds and How to Access Them

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Is your institution considering the development of a new or substantially revamped graduate program aimed at filling the Lowcountry’s talent gap?  

Does it help the community shift its educational focus away from degrees and job titles and towards skills and competencies?  

Does it address skills relevant to the area’s high-demand career opportunities in advanced manufacturing, engineering, software development, K-12 teacher education and leadership development, or healthcare management and community wellness? 

If so, the Lowcountry Graduate Center may want to subsidize expenses of (re)launching your program. 

The LGC offers five-year grants to its three-member institutions of $5,000-$25,000 for educational programs aimed at local workforce development.  The deadline for applying for the fall round of grants is November 1. 

The grant process reflects the LGC’s commitment to growing workforce talent for economic development in the Lowcountry. According to the Talent 2020 and Beyond report produced by the Charleston Regional Development Alliance and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, the talent gap is most acute in the areas listed above and is hampering growth in these industries. 

The grants are designed to promote the development of educational opportunities that can move local talent into those fields. 

Institutions choosing to apply for grants must submit a justifying narrative, three-year budget, and supporting letters from at least two independent, community experts. Applicants must have access to a monetary or in-kind match from their grantee institution. 

Funds from the Lowcountry Graduate Center may be used in course development, program marketing, necessary equipment, and professional compensation, including administrative support. Non-qualifying expenses include research, capital costs, consultants’ fees, travel, and staff training, entertainment, and non-academic expenses.  

The LGC Advisory Board reviews the applications in January and releases funds in February. A second round of grants is made in June with an application deadline of February 1.  

For more information, email Dr. Nancy Muller, director of the Lowcountry Graduate Center, at [email protected].