Message from the LGC Director – November 2016

Nancy Muller

I am delighted to welcome Anderson University (AU) as a partnering associate of the Lowcountry Graduate Center.  Anderson University is a well-established, accredited, and recognized institution which represents a special and new chapter in the LGC’s 15-year history in that it is a private university, unlike the other state-supported institutions with which we have been working exclusively up until now.  This signals a broader horizon for a wider variety of programs at the LGC facility in North Charleston, where all of our offerings are geared to helping advance careers of working professionals and expanding the local talent pool for employers in this dynamic region of our state.

Anderson University will begin offering its Masters in Criminal Justice program beginning in January 2017*.  A brief description of the requirements for the degree and a link to AU’s website for further details including how to apply, are found on the LGC’s website.  There you will also find the recent news release and link to the subsequent story published in the Charleston Regional Business Journal newspaper.  Of particular interest is the program’s instructional format.  Instead of meeting on weekends or weekday evenings, classes, largely for discussion purposes, meet once monthly over two full weekdays; the hybrid format pushes out much of the content and all assignments online.  Because the program is primarily geared to experienced law enforcement officers being groomed for further advancement, classes are weekdays during daytime hours, as employers of students consider the time on-the-clock strictly in the context of professional development for the benefit of the agency or department.  With the nation’s focus on curbing the number of killings by police, the Slager murder trial just getting underway in Charleston is center stage in the national news because of the racial tension created by a white police officer having shot to death a black man. AU’s program provides not only knowledge of policy and liability issues but also the role of commercial and social media in the shaping of public opinion. Instruction places special emphasis on the administration of justice in today’s culturally diverse American society, with community cohesiveness, safety, and wellness foremost in mind.

Located in the Upstate of South Carolina, Anderson University is a selective, comprehensive university offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees on-campus and online. Students on its main campus can choose among 36 majors, 38 concentrations, and 25 minors.  It is currently ranked 67th among regional colleges in the South by U. S. News and World Report.  AU has also been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top universities in the South whose graduates accumulate the least amount of educational debt. Founded in 1911, AU is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Anderson University and its Master of Criminal Justice program to the Lowcountry Graduate Center.

Nancy Muller, PhD
Director and Associate Dean

*Subject to SACS acceptance of the institution’s notification to add the Lowcountry Graduate Center as a new satellite location for the already approved program of study.