LGC Expands Opportunities for Engineering Through Collaboration with SME’s Greater Charleston Chapter 430


The Lowcountry Graduate Center (LGC) is pleased to announce a partnership with SME’s Greater Charleston Chapter 430 and the SME student chapter at Clemson University. This collaboration fosters an environment for continuous learning for current and future engineers in the Lowcountry. Currently, the LGC offers graduate degree programs in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University, Engineering Management from the University of South Carolina, and Project Management from The Citadel.

With state-of-the-art two-way videoconferencing technology used for instruction at the LGC, monthly SME meetings are now streamed in real time between the two locations of students. Clemson’s student SME chapter is sponsored by the Greater Charleston Chapter 430 of SME, formally known as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. “In addition to providing continuing education in engineering technology and best practices in manufacturing to our professional members, SME prides itself on imparting to young adults manufacturing knowledge and insights into fulfilling careers in manufacturing,” stated Dick Tiano, Chair of the local SME Chapter.

On Wednesday evening, April 8th, the LGC hosted the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the SME student chapter, connecting the two groups hundreds of miles apart. At this event Michael Daley, Worldwide Manufacturing Engineering Leader with Cummins Turbo Technologies, spoke about his passion for engineering, the excitement of working on a global team in new product launches, and the importance of an advanced education in pursuing a lucrative career in manufacturing. With local high school robotics teams in the audience as invited guests at the LGC’s North Charleston facility, Mr. Daley simultaneously engaged with current engineering students on the Clemson campus, fellow engineering professionals, and prospective graduate students considering enrollment in a program of study at the LGC, fielding questions from all four groups represented.

The LGC’s efforts, alongside such initiatives as Apprenticeship Carolina and Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative, encourage young South Carolinians to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. “This collaboration reinforces the LGC’s commitment to building an engineering talent pool across the Lowcountry, while allowing us to play a role in encouraging our state’s youth to considering career opportunities in manufacturing and engineering through higher education,” said Nancy Muller, Director of the Lowcountry Graduate Center.

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