About the Program

Designed for students and professionals from all walks of life, the Leadership Studies Program enhances the ability of students to perform effectively as principled leaders in their present or future roles. The program’s unique course integration structure facilitates comprehensive coverage of leadership from a variety of perspectives and contexts. The 100% online certificate requires 5 courses. The flexible program enables working professionals and military service members to pursue leadership studies without interrupting their careers.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

  • Recognize the major approaches and basic theories used to analyze leadership in a range of contexts.
  • Understand the fundamental principles and dynamics that are common to leadership in all types of organizations.
  • Build self-awareness and promote self-management through activities, assessments, and active-learning group projects.
  • Identify key traits, skills, styles, and behaviors that contribute to leadership effectiveness.
  • Employ appropriate and effective leadership tactics and skills necessary to critically evaluate, identify, and solve problems.
  • Integrate ethical values that enhance leadership outcomes.

Tracks or Concentrations

  • Certificate in Leadership Studies
  • Certificate in Military Leadership

Modalities of Instruction

Online, Asynchronous (On Demand)

Aspirational Career Sector

  • 51. Information (Print Publishing, Software, Motion Picture, Audio & Music, Radio & TV, Telecommunication, Data, Other Information Technology)
  • 54. Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (Legal, CPA & Taxes, Architect & Landscape, Engineering, Design Services, Computer Systems, Administrative Professional Consulting, Scientific R&D, PR Marketing & Advertising, Photography, Translation & Interpretation Services, Veterinary Services)
  • 55. Management of Companies & Enterprises
  • 61. Education
  • 81. Other Services (except Public Administration)
  • 92. Public Administration, National Security, & Government Services (including cybersecurity)