About the Program

Gifted and Talented educators must have an awareness of the unique characteristics of high-ability students, and understand how to be utilize each student’s personalities and aptitudes – challenging and engaging them effectively.

Through the College of Charleston’s Gifted and Talented Graduate Certificate program, educators will explore how to teach students with high ability, and identify new curriculum approaches that will offer further challenge for academically gifted-and-talented students: at the elementary, middle or secondary levels. Teachers will gain an understanding of why GT students may be unmotivated and present as low achievers, and will also gain insight into gifted-and-talented students who are considered twice exceptional (i.e. classified with other exceptional learnings needs, or who come from low-income or minority backgrounds).

Program Director
Julie Dingle Swanson
College of Charleston Department of Teacher Education

To learn more about this program, visit the College of Charleston’s Gifted and Talented Education Graduate Certificate page.

Admissions Requirements

  • Official transcripts from all academic institutions
  • Current teaching certificate