About the Program

The Citadel’s Master of Arts in Military History is a fully online, 30-hour program. The program provides an advanced historical study of the theory and practice of warfare, the institutions and operations of military forces, and the impact of militaries and warfare on societies. Students may obtain either a Master of Arts Degree in Military History or both a Master of Arts Degree in Military History and a Graduate Certificate in Military Leadership at the same time. The Dual Program option only requires an additional 2 credit hours for a leadership certificate that compliments and strengthens the graduate degree in Military History.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

  • Think historically about the study of war, its conduct, meaning, and consequences, as a historian.
  • Understand the evolution of warfare and its relationship to modern operational environments, joint warfare, civil-military relations, and strategy.
  • Gain knowledge of armed conflict at all levels of warfare: strategic, operational, and tactical.
  • Appreciate the political, social, economic, environmental, geographic, and cultural contexts of war.
  • Develop skills in historical thinking, analytical research, and clear, persuasive writing.
  • Analyze and apply issues of military leadership and decision making throughout history.
  • Explore the human dimension of war and experience of combat.

Tracks or Concentrations


Modalities of Instruction

  • Online, Synchronous (Scheduled Meeting Times)
  • Online, Asynchronous (On Demand)

Aspirational Career Sector

  • 92. Public Administration, National Security, & Government Services (including cybersecurity)
  • 71. Arts, Entertainment, & Rec.
  • 61. Education
  • 81. Other Services (except Public Administration);