About the Program

The mission of the Master of Arts in Psychology: Clinical Counseling program is to prepare students to become ethical, multiculturally-competent, evidence-informed practitioners of psychological counseling in a variety of mental health settings.

The Program’s training model emphasizes the application of theories of human development, psychopathology, multiculturalism and cognitive behavior change to psychosocial problems and advocates a scholarly perspective that integrates evidence-based and professional competencies with a compassionate, culturally sensitive and ethical orientation to clinical work. Through a blend of didactic and practice- based experiences, students will acquire an empirical and culturally competent approach to assessment, conceptualization, intervention, and evaluation of psychological services.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of principles of psychology and their application to real world clinical situations and settings
  2. Recognize and appreciate the importance of a multicultural perspective
  3. Demonstrate understanding of professional and ethical principles as they apply to competent professional practice
  4. Apply evidence-based practice and function as scholarly practitioners when approaching assessment, conceptualization and intervention.
  5. Acquire assessment and intervention skills to be used with a diverse range of clients and problems.

Modalities of Instruction


Aspirational Career Sector

62. Health Care & Social Assistance