About the Program

The Master of Science in Child Life Program provides graduate level instruction and clinical experience that prepares students to become Certified Child Life Specialists. Advanced training in child life, child development, family systems, pediatric illness, and stress and coping allows student to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide state-of-the-art emotional support for children and families facing challenging events related to health care. The program is centered on an evidence-based approach to family-centered-care, the promotion of optimal development of children facing challenging life experiences, play, and advocacy in the health care and community settings.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

  1. Use developmental, play, stress and coping, and child life theory to design and execute effective child life assessment, intervention and programming for pediatric patients and families 
  2. Use critical thinking to support an evidence-based approach problem solving related to child development, family systems, pediatric illness, and the healthcare system
  3. Advocate for and exemplify respect for equity, diversity, inclusion, and access in the healthcare and community environment
  4. Develop and execute effective rapport and advocacy skills to meet the needs of children and families
  5. Develop self-insight and apply effective strategies for ethical practice and life-long learning

Modalities of Instruction


Aspirational Career Sector

62. Health Care & Social Assistance;