About the Program

The Citadel’s Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program is to provide a student-centered learning environment focused on advanced applied engineering techniques and professional skills development for principled leaders in the engineering community through a rigorous curriculum, emphasizing practical engineering concepts, strong professional values, and a disciplined work ethic.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

  • Demonstrate breadth of knowledge in complimentary areas of mechanical engineering that promotes an awareness of and skill in interdisciplinary problem solving.
  • Demonstrate a depth of knowledge in a chosen focus area of mechanical engineering that allows the student to apply innovative techniques to solve problems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in methods of advanced analysis appropriate for professional use when solving problems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary issues in their chosen focus area.

Tracks or Concentrations

  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced Materials
  • Power and Energy
  • Aeronautical
  • Mechatronics

Modalities of Instruction


Aspirational Career Sector

  • 22. Utilities (associated with Energy & Power)
  • 31-33. Manufacturing
  • 54. Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (Legal, CPA & Taxes, Architect & Landscape, Engineering, Design Services, Computer Systems, Administrative Professional Consulting, Scientific R&D, PR Marketing & Advertising, Photography, Translation & Interpretation Services, Veterinary Services)