About the Program

The Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) provides students with advanced instruction through a rigorous 30-hr curriculum focusing on personal and organizational effectiveness, principled leadership, innovative analytical procedures and solutions to emerging technical resource issues. The program of study is tailored to equip professionals working in industry, governmental agencies, and business to achieve higher levels of effectiveness in managing and leading their organizations in project implementation and team-based, multi-disciplinary initiatives.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

Technical Expertise Management of projects* to meet needs within constraints, with reference to professional standards and guides. Professional Behavior Ethical and culturally aware stakeholder engagement, communication, leadership, and teamwork. Strategic Awareness Contextual awareness and knowledge of strategic and operational drivers required to inform decisions and deliver sustained competitive advantage.

Tracks or Concentrations

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Systems Engr Management

Aspirational Career Sector

  • 54. Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (Legal, CPA & Taxes, Architect & Landscape, Engineering, Design Services, Computer Systems, Administrative Professional Consulting, Scientific R&D, PR Marketing & Advertising, Photography, Translation & Interpretation Services, Veterinary Services)
  • 21. Mining
  • 22. Utilities (associated with Energy & Power)
  • 31-33. Manufacturing
  • 48-49. Transportation & Warehousing
  • 55. Management of Companies & Enterprises
  • 56. Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
  • 61. Education
  • 92. Public Administration, National Security, & Government Services (including cybersecurity)