About the Program

The Master of Science of Accountancy is a 30 credit hour program that may be completed within a year, depending on the student’s academic background. Our program is characterized by small class size, engaged faculty and professional networking that provides students with a through understanding of an array of issues facing the accounting profession. Graduates of our MSA program embark on successful careers in public or corporate accounting, and most students obtain a CPA license within a two years of graduation.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

Our students leave the MSA program with a broad knowledge of accounting theory, auditing, taxation, business law and international issues facing the accounting profession. The MSA program’s specific learning outcomes include:

  1. a broadened perspective of the issues facing the accounting profession,
  2. an awareness of ethical issues encountered by CPAs and
  3. developed professional written and oral communications kills. Collectively, the MSA curriculum prepares students to pass the CPA exam as evident by our graduates achieving the highest CPA exam pass rates in South Carolina during recent years. Graduates often express their appreciation for how well prepared they are as they embark on their careers in the accounting profession.

Tracks or Concentrations

Two of the ten classes are required for all MSA students. The remaining eight courses can be taken ad hoc or within the formal concentrations of (1) financial reporting and assurance, or (2) taxation. There is also the opportunity to have a secondary concentration in international accounting and business law.

Modalities of Instruction


Aspirational Career Sector

54. Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (Legal, CPA & Taxes, Architect & Landscape, Engineering, Design Services, Computer Systems, Administrative Professional Consulting, Scientific R&D, PR Marketing & Advertising, Photography, Translation & Interpretation Services, Veterinary Services)