About the Program

This program consists of 18 weeks of study, with 6 weeks of study on hot topics in education including:

  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Equity in Instruction
  • Social and Emotional Learning

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity—The course will trace policy and practice related to desegregation and English-only policies in schools. It will also introduce students to culturally responsive and culturally sustaining pedagogies. Equity in Instruction—Social and political elements will be explored to position participants to be not only knowledgeable but ready to speak about and create positive change towards cultivating classroom and school climates that address equitable challenges in their curricular teaching and learning. Social and Emotional Learning -This course is aligned with the CASEL 5 framework’s five inter-related competencies (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible-decision making). Additionally, this course will focus on how attitude, interest, motivation, and self-efficacy play a role in learning, and how to position these core considerations into curricular planning and instruction.

Modalities of Instruction

Online, Synchronous (Scheduled Meeting Times)

Aspirational Career Sector

61. Education