About the Program

The Post-MSN to DNP programs are offered online and address the most contemporary aspects of expert clinical practice and in-depth knowledge and experience in leadership, health systems design and evaluation, evidence-based practice, health policy, and applied research. The programs are designed for current APRNs who wish to further their clinical expertise in their current specialty area or in palliative care. In these programs, a practice improvement project will be implemented with oversight from faculty.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

  1.  Demonstrate expertise in advanced clinical nursing practice roles (Adult Geriatric, Family, Pediatric, Psychiatric Mental Health, Palliative Care) based on mastery of a specialized area of knowledge derived from a strong scientific foundation.
  2. Use clinical scholarship and analytical methods to improve quality and safety in health care systems through organizational leadership, systems thinking, and practice management acumen. 
  3. Implement evidence based practice, continuous quality improvement in patient care and provide leadership in practice and clinical decision-making through use of information systems and technology resources. 
  4. Foster interprofessional collaboration and teamwork in the improvement of population health outcomes.
  5. Influence health care policy that determines the financing, regulation, access, and delivery of care.
  6. Promote health equity in the provision of care to eliminate health disparities.

Tracks or Concentrations

  • MSN to DNP
  • MSN to DNP in Palliative Care

Modalities of Instruction

Online, Asynchronous (On Demand)

Aspirational Career Sector

62. Health Care & Social Assistance