Unleash Ideas with MindMaps



Mindmapping can be a great way to approach a research project, to explore ideas and see connections between ideas, or to plan a party.

Creating a mindmap can free your ideas and show associations that can become avenues of research. There aren’t any rules to mindmapping. You can even mindmap in an outline, if you prefer text over circles.

Researching a topic using the library resources can sometimes be frustrating. Google and other search engines are not particular about the words you use in the search box, but library resources, such as the catalog to find books and the databases to find articles, are very exacting when it comes to your search terms. Searching library resources requires that you use key words. Key words are most often nouns and they form the main parts of your search queries. A great way to start identifying keywords is through mindmapping.

Some free mindmapping tools:

Questions? Ask your LGC Librarian, Jannette Finch, MLIS, at [email protected].