About the Program

Designed to deliver an understanding of communication theories, strategic marketing, leadership, and media, this streamlined 30-hour online program gives students conceptual knowledge and marketable skills.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

MCOM Student Learning Outcomes:

  • SLO1: Students will conduct original research effectively.
  • SLO2: Students will explain and apply communication theory.
  • SLO3: Students will identify the core tenets of various research methods.
  • SLO4: Students will develop writing skills to enhance professional performance.
  • SLO5: Students will assess published communication scholarship.

Modalities of Instruction

  • Online, Synchronous (Scheduled Meeting Times)
  • Online, Asynchronous (On Demand)

Aspirational Career Sector

  • 44-45. Retail Trade
  • 51. Information (Print Publishing, Software, Motion Picture, Audio & Music, Radio & TV, Telecommunication, Data, Other Information Technology)
  • 52. Finance & Insurance
  • 53. Real Estate Rental & Leasing
  • 55. Management of Companies & Enterprises
  • 61. Education
  • 62. Health Care & Social Assistance
  • 71. Arts, Entertainment, & Rec.
  • 92. Public Administration, National Security, & Government Services (including cybersecurity)