LGC Resources

In addition to serving as a convenient location for our state’s top universities to offer graduate programs in North Charleston, the Lowcountry Graduate Center (LGC) also provides many other resources that will help you complete your degree and advance your career after you graduate.

Each classroom at the LGC is equipped with 21st-century classroom technology to maximize your learning potential. The LGC’s lecture capture and video conferencing technology also enable our partnering universities the possibility of offering courses in blended environments where students can receive a portion of their instruction via traditional face-to-face interaction and the remainder of the course either online or through distance learning. To learn more about all of the resources available at the LGC, visit our Facilities and Services page.

The LGC maintains an onsite virtual library providing research and computing resources for students and faculty. The library also offers ample study space and employs a full-time librarian, who’s dedicated to assisting students with their research needs. To learn more about these resources, visit our Library Information page.

We also partner with Tutor Matching Service to help connect graduate students with tutors who are available to assist with a wide variety of subjects. To find a local tutor, visit our Tutor Matching Service page.

Earning a graduate degree is an important step to achieving your career goals. This commitment to education can be the key to advancing to a new position with your current employer. A graduate degree can also open the door to a new career with one of Charleston’s numerous growing industries. To learn where recent graduates from the programs offered at the LGC are now working, and to search local job listings visit our Employer Information page.