About the Program

Run jointly by The Citadel’s Graduate College and the University of Charleston Graduate School at the College of Charleston, our program provides advanced coursework in literature, film, and literary and cultural analysis with occasional courses in composition and rhetoric. The program is a great fit for recent and returning college graduates, English teachers, and those interested in mid-career professional development and personal intellectual growth. In addition to learning how to analyze literature and culture more effectively, students acquire critical thinking habits, problem-solving strategies, and communication skills that will serve them well in many different contexts.

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Program Learning Outcomes: Skills and Knowledge

  1. Use close reading and textual analysis to interpret literary and cultural texts.
  2. Convey sound research-based arguments in accordance with standard expectations in academic writing.
  3. Select relevant critical, historical, cultural, and theoretical sources to inform contributions to scholarly conversations.
  4. Understand how the MA in English can serve as preparation and/or credential to enter or advance within a range of career goals or paths.

Modalities of Instruction


Aspirational Career Sector

61. Education

71. Arts, Entertainment, & Rec.